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Horses & Humans... Partnering for Pleasure, Growth & Healing.

How do you spell "recharge?" We at McKeever's know that caregivers need chances to recharge, relax, and enjoy the support of others who understand your world. Although some people resent the term "caregiver," many of you fulfill the important role of being a caregiver to one of your loved ones.

If your partner, family member, or friend has undergone an amputation, has limb differences, or other physical challenges, we want to offer you support and RESOURCES. At McKeever's First Ride, we nurture caregivers, because we understand that no matter how much love and devotion steers you-- the task can be physically and emotionally draining. It is vital that care givers take care of themselves, despite how difficult it can be to schedule, or to allow yourself to do so. Part of the reason we make available therapeutic massage at McKeever's First Ride, is to provide caregivers a chance to experience the physical and psychological relief of enjoying a brief respite from other cares and responsibilities. We hope that you'll experiment with arts & crafts as well, since that can be an inexpensive way to free your mind and express yourself.

Here are some additional RESOURCES:

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