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We care greatly about the vast population of folks with limb differences and those who use O&P devices. McKeever's First Ride is one of many resources around the country for amputees, and we invite you to discover additional programs, education, and opportunities to enrich your life through the links we've compiled below.

Teen Specific Resources

TEEN McKeever's is a part of McKeever's First Ride, and it is dedicated to helping teen amputees and teen O&P users connect with one another,  across town, and across the country. Often, youth and adults amputees have multiple opportunities for support and adventure, while teens may feel a bit neglected. It is our hope that TEEN McKeever's will provide you a chance to hang out with other 12-18 years old, who understand the challenges and opportunities that go along with limb differences. Join us on TEEN McKeever's Facebook group, and sign up for our newsletter on this website!

Here are some RESOURCES we think you will find beneficial:

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