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Dan McKeever | Daniel McKeeverMcKeever’s First Ride celebrates the life and legacy of Dan McKeever. A pioneer in the orthotic and prosthetic field, Dan understood the needs and challenges faced by amputees. He pushed for technological advances and encouraged men and women to defy the odds and reach for their dreams.

As a Colonel in the Army during WWII, Dan developed a deep respect for soldiers especially those wounded while serving their country. He would have certainly been proud of those who participate in McKeever’s First Ride clinics and the Horses for Heroes Programs across America.

Dan McKeever had a keen mind, a hearty laugh, and a big heart. A graduate of Georgia Tech, he received the Distinguished Alumni Service Award and was inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame. He served multiple terms as president of AOPA and also served as president of the American Board of Certification.

Through his confidence and compassion, Dan enabled others to tackle problems and overcome obstacles. His legacy will live on through McKeever’s First Ride as amputees experience the physical and emotional benefits of adaptive riding and equine activities. We intend to celebrate his life and the human spirit. 

Mr. McKeever's contributions to improving life - indeed the quality of rehabilitation medicine, science, and technology - are contributions that we are proud to celebrate. His legacy is a foundation upon which the O&P community continues to grow today as new practitioners and teachers join the ranks. It inspires us to serve our community, our country, and our friends and neighbors with physical disabilities who, like us, strive to enjoy the rewards of personal achievement, physical fitness, and social interaction. - Excerpt from Profiles in O&P History 

Will you join us?

Dan McKeever Scholarship Fund

The Orthotic and Prosthetic Education and Development Fund is pleased to announce the Dan McKeever Scholarship Program to provide grants to individuals who are pursuing an education in orthotics and prosthetics. Each year the program will award $1000 to three deserving O&P baccalaureate or masters degree students.  

Scholarship Recipients Thank You Letters

Those involved with the Dan McKeever Scholarship, I want to tell you how happy I was after I received the award letter! It was kinda funny because it had gotten in with a bunch of junk mail that I didn't open until late a night - I was so excited that I called my parents and woke them up with the news - they were equally excited! Needless to say it took forever to fall asleep after that. Not that I'm complaining mind you!


I do want to thank everyone involved in the selection process and I'd especially like to thank the McKeever family - could you pass that on to them? (in case they don't get this letter)


I do sincereley appreciate the $1,000 - it will help me in a lot of ways! Thanks again!


I'm sad to say that I won't be able to accept the award personally - I decided it would be better to use the scholorship money for books/tuition than for a plane ticket - but thank you for the inivitation.




James K. E.

 I would like to thank you and your family for providing me the financial support to continue my prosthetics and orthotics education. I am truly honored to have recieved the Dan McKeever scholarship from the AAOP.


Your father continues to be an impact leader in our field, and I took to him as a role model, helping shape me into the practicioner I will be. I plan to use part of this money to travel around, helping volunteer at international clinics after I graduate this December.


Best wishes,



Thank you for selecting me for the Dan McKeever scholarship. This award has encouraged and exicted me on the current and future support from within the Orthotic and Prosthetic field concerning educational development.


Jeff S.

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