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Horses & Humans... Partnering for Pleasure, Growth & Healing.

amputeeYouth with limb differences, as young as 2 years old have been thrilled to discover the joy of being around horses, and engaging in adaptive riding. Youth, teens, and adult participants with limb loss and limb differences have enjoyed many adventures at McKeever's First Ride events.

Dan McKeever wanted amputees to create meaningful, joyful lives, despite the challenges that go along with living with limb differences. In keeping with his "Carpe Diem" attitude, McKeever's First Ride exists to provide amputees an exciting day to make new friends, and to discover the thrill of riding, roping, carriage driving, various adaptive sports (like adaptive fencing by the Shepherd Swords) and expressive arts. Each year, celebrity guests who have faced limb loss, inspire attendees with testimonies of their courage to push beyond perceived limits, in order to enjoy new adventures and  a "Carpe diem" (seize the day!) attitude. With amputees gaining coverage in the daily news, with wonderful stories about adaptive sports and groundbreaking achievements, McKeever's First Ride is thrilled to spark this kind of spirit in our participants!

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