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Who Is This For?


amputeeYouth with limb differences, as young as 2 years old have been thrilled to discover the joy of being around horses, and engaging in adaptive riding. Youth, teens, and adult participants with limb loss and limb differences have enjoyed many adventures at McKeever's First Ride events.

Dan McKeever wanted amputees to create meaningful, joyful lives, despite the challenges that go along with living with limb differences. In keeping with his "Carpe Diem" attitude, McKeever's First Ride exists to provide amputees an exciting day to make new friends, and to discover the thrill of riding, roping, carriage driving, various adaptive sports (like adaptive fencing by the Shepherd Swords) and expressive arts. Each year, celebrity guests who have faced limb loss, inspire attendees with testimonies of their courage to push beyond perceived limits, in order to enjoy new adventures and  a "Carpe diem" (seize the day!) attitude. With amputees gaining coverage in the daily news, with wonderful stories about adaptive sports and groundbreaking achievements, McKeever's First Ride is thrilled to spark this kind of spirit in our participants!

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Orthotic Patients

wheelchair-benji-williams-Orthotic-patientsIt is one thing to adjust to life with an orthotic or prosthetic device, but it is another thing to EXCEL in one's "new normal" life. McKeever's First Ride acquaints guests from 2 to 82 with adaptive sports in a venue well suited to accommodate those who use prosthetic/orthotic devices, and wheelchairs.  

At McKeever's First Ride, we are eager for participants to discover what adventures are possible, in the company of horses and peers who understand the challenges they face and the progress and success they can celebrate together!

All Military Personnel

military-signAt McKeever's First Ride, we are eager to show all military personnel the gratitude and honor they deserve, for serving this great nation. Vets and active military personnel enjoy fellowship with one another, as they enjoy a day to relax and recharge.

At McKeever's First Ride, there are many ways for service members to relax and enjoy themselves. Horse grooming, groundwork, and riding are popular activities. Roping, carriage driving, and arts & crafts foster new hobbies for enjoyment. Whether you served during WWII, Korea, or Vietnam, or any conflict leading up to today's peackeeping efforts-it is our desire to honor your service to this great nation. We hope you will feel our gratitude in the presentation of flags from the 5 arms of the military service, by the mounted drill team, the Rusty Spurs. We hope you will accept the gift of our "Military Salute" cap, and engage in meaningful fellowship with others who have served (or are serving) this great nation. Our aim is to offer you a day of adventure and enjoyment, in whatever way feels most comfortable and appealing to you.

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