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Horses & Humans... Partnering for Pleasure, Growth & Healing.

Please consider helping us get the word out, that the company of horses can do a body good--and a heart good, and a soul good!  Horses provide us companionship, trust, and a feeling of freedom.

Word of mouth is the best way to spread good news. And McKeever's First Ride exists, to spread the good news that horses can richly bless our lives, and you don't have to own one to find this out! There are barns all across the U.S. that make it possible for youth and adults with limb differences to push past perceived limits, to create a more hardy, happy life. There are also many barns who offer military service personnel the chance to work with horses and fellowship with other vets. McKeever's First Ride events are meant to "show and tell" the good news about horses and their positive influence on children and adults.

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