2014 McKeever's First Ride Showcase Video

Welcome To McKeever's First Ride

NBC Video
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MFR Atlanta 2011
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MFR Atlanta 2011

Our Mission

Our Mission is to showcase the powerful physical and emotional benefits of working with horses


-To individuals in the O & P community
-To amputees of any age
-To wounded warriors

And to children and adults faced with physical challenges or spinal cord injuries. With the goal of promoting

-Personal achievement
-Physical fitness
-Social interaction




Atlanta -April 5th 2014


Our Guest Celebrity Reggie Showers


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Equine Therapies


Equine-Assisted Activities are adaptive horseback riding that foster balance, core strength, and mental well-being.

Equine-Assisted Therapies involve interactions with a horse during Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Psychotherapy.

Even a single session of equine-assisted therapy can profoundly impact recovery, well-being, and health!